How Grumpy Cat celebrated her 4th year at SXSW

Grumpy Cat Treats Fans at SXSW
Grumpy Cat Treats Fans at SXSW

One of the most famous cats in the world, Grumpy Cat, made an appearance at South by Southwest for the fourth year in a row -- and people definitely took notice.

At an event hosted by Friskies cat food, Grumpy Cat came out in full force, attracting hundreds to meet the notoriously unhappy-looking feline. Not only that, but she had some talent to accompany her -- singers Ryan Cabrera and Blake Lewis, who showed their support for Friskies as well.

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Friskies debuted their new product, Cat Concoctions, which features flavor combinations that came from the minds of cats themselves. Grumpy Cat admitted that her favorite flavor from the new options was the lamb and clam sauce flavor.

Perfect for a cat. stopped by the event to speak to Grumpy Cat herself! See the full interview via the link below:

Grumpy Cat didn't have much to say (while we love cats, they aren't very talkative creatures), but we did learn that the cat queen of attitude is definitely one of the cutest felines around.

See more photos of Grumpy Cat below:

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