Brendan Fallis's biggest passion outside of music will inspire you

Brendan Fallis's passions aren't limited to just the music world. The popular DJ, who has made it big in the fashion and music industry all thanks to his clean style and addictive mixes, is also a fitness fanatic. His Instagram account, which boasts almost 60,000 avid followers, features videos and images from his intense workouts -- all of which will leave you in awe.

But if you think his daily fitness content's main purpose is just to show off his chops, think again. Fallis decided to update his fans about his workouts after receiving a slew of motivational messages from them, each sharing that because of his drive and passion for all-things exercise, they've decided to make a major change in their lives too. It's what keeps Brendan going even when he wants to slack off from time to time.

Ahead, we caught up with Brendan Fallis at our NYC offices and chatted with him about his fitness career his supportive fans, and more!

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Your Instagram is filled with these awesome workout videos. Has fitness always been part of your life and now you're just choosing to document it?
I actually used to ski for the Canadian ski team. It was really fun but I was only on it for one season before I blew my knee out; I ruptured my ACL and then went back to school. I thought skiing was life and nothing more, but it was a blessing in disguise that I ruptured my ACL because if not, I would have just been trying to go to the Olympics year after year. But it was a great way to grow up. I really truly believe that sport and athletics are a great way to raise children. I look back it and realize that it teaches you so much about victory, defeat, visualization, setting goals, working in a team, working as an individual -- it's everything that need to handle any situation. Fitness was great in that regard because it gave me a solid head on my shoulders to go into business and other areas of my life.

Now, I've started to document it -- which I never even thought of it that way until you said that, but it's weird that social media is documenting everything in your life. It's made me motivated to continue to workout. One guy who was a friend I had in Toronto and who I wasn't super tight with when I moved away just sent me a photo of him in his underwear and I was like, "Damn, you're looking good man." He was a lot bigger before. But he said, "This is all because of you." I've told him a few tips along the way but he's just watching those videos thinking if he can do it, I can do it. And when I first started documenting, people hated on me, thinking it was so whack. But I don't know, it is just Instagram -- why do we all have to tell each other what to do? It's your tool in your hands, so who cares?

But as my following started to grow, people would say thanks or "I woke up today to go to the gym because of you." And that's just awesome. I get super motivated by that so I kept documenting it. And now I feel I've made incredible relationships because of, I've worked with incredible people because of it, and I feel better than I ever have. And I'm in way better shape than I was on the Canadian ski team, which is crazy.

You're involved in a lot of different projects right now between music, fashion, and fitness. So where do you see your career going in the next five years?
If I planned where I was five years ago, I would have never been here. I like the fact that everyone asks what my ten year plan is and I think it's great to set aspirational goals, but don't really set goals because at one point in my life I was going to be a commercial real estate agent. And that was my goal coming out of ski team and all my friends were killing it in commercial real estate. I took all my courses, passed, and then started interviewing. But then people were like, "Go to Thailand. If you haven't traveled yet go, because once you start working in this and gaining momentum, you won't want to leave." So I went to Thailand and I stopped in New York on the way back, and my friend who I used to ski with gave me a job so I went home, got a visa, and came back.

So, five years from now, I don't know. But I know what I'm working on today and I know what I'm working on tomorrow and that's how I view life: just do the best you can do today and try and outdo yourself or do something you didn't think you can do tomorrow. And just be really positive, even if you fail, and just learn from it. Sky's the limit.

YouShouldKnow is a feature that showcases up-and-coming social stars. To see more of past interviews, including more exclusive Brendan Fallis features, click here.

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