10 top states for homebuyers this year

Things Every Homebuyer Should Know
Things Every Homebuyer Should Know

If you've been considering a new home, 2016 could be the year to buy.

Prices are expected to rise at half the pace that they did last year, and homes are expected to remain on the market longer, GOBankingRates reports.

Generally, such circumstances could result in more home choices and more lending options for buyers, as well as more time to make the best decisions, according to GOBankingRates.

But the website's recent state-by-state housing market analysis shows that some states are a lot more buyer-friendly than others.

The analysis is based on five factors that help make buying a home a smart financial move:

  • Housing affordability (median housing prices compared with median household incomes)

  • Renting costs compared with buying costs for the same property

  • Year-over-year home value changes (with rising values considered indicative of a smarter investment)

  • Average annual percentage rate for mortgages

  • Property tax rates

New Jersey, for example, ranks as the worst state for buyers. That's primarily because its property tax rate of 2.38 percent is so high. In fact, that rate is the highest in the nation, according to the nonprofit Tax Foundation.

Maine ranks as the best state for buyers due to home prices that are expected to rise further and mortgage rates that are below average — a combination that can make owning cheaper than renting for some residents of the Pine Tree State.

The best states to buy a home this spring in GOBankingRates' analysis are:

  1. Maine

  2. Colorado

  3. Arkansas

  4. Missouri

  5. Tennessee

  6. Kansas

  7. Iowa

  8. South Dakota

  9. Florida

  10. Indiana

The 10 lowest-ranking states are:

  1. New Jersey

  2. Virginia

  3. New York

  4. West Virginia

  5. California

  6. Montana

  7. Ohio

  8. Connecticut

  9. New Mexico

  10. Pennsylvania

For the complete ranking of all 50 states, check out GOBankingRates' full analysis.

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