WWII refugees 'pay it forward' with touching letters to child refugees

Michael Sheen Visits Camp for Syrian Child Refugees
Michael Sheen Visits Camp for Syrian Child Refugees

The Syrian crisis has effected over 7.5 million Syrian children according to UNICEF. Over 2.6 million children are no longer in school and 2 million are living across the world as refugees.

This is a fate refugees from World War II know all too well. On the 5th anniversary of the Syrian crisis, CARE, a humanitarian organization fighting global poverty, asked recipients of the original CARE Packages who were once child refugees themselves to send messages of hope to Syrian refugee children.

"It is never easy to have to leave one's homeland! Always remember the good times and look forward to what the future may bring. It is always difficult to adjust to living in a different country – I know!" 87-year-old Helga wrote to 16-year-old Sajeda, bridging the 5,000 miles and 71 years between the two.

Former child war refugee Gunter Nitsch wrote to 8-year-old Zaher, reminding him that no matter how bad things may seem, "there are good people in this world."

You can read more on the connections between the refugees from different generations and how the letters brought hope to children displaced by war here.

CARE documented the process in the touching video below:

Special Delivery: Letters of Hope

So moving. World War II refugees sent letters of hope to Syrian child refugees. Watch.

Posted by CARE on Thursday, March 10, 2016

"The first CARE packages were filled with ingredients to make life-saving meals for survivors of WWII. 70 years later, CARE is delivering lasting change to the poorest countries around the world," the organization writes on its website. Today CARE has reached over 2 million Syrians bringing food baskets, grocery debit cards, emergency shelter and hygiene kits. ​

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