Why you should negotiate your salary like a kid asking to stay up late at bedtime

More People To Become Eligible For Overtime Pay

Kids learn the art of negotiating when they're small, whether it's asking for an extra 15 minutes of reading before bed or for 25 cents for the gumball machine.

Yet, when it comes to asking for more money as an adult, many prospective employees shy away for asking for more when it comes to their salaries.

Part of it is not knowing how.

"If you want to know how to negotiate, watch how kids talk about bedtime," advises Jane Park, founder and CEO of beauty product company Julep.

Kids don't hesitate to ask for an extra 15 or 30 minutes if they believe they have a reason or even if they just feel like they deserve it. The key is that they are not afraid of ruining their relationship with the ask.

"[Debating over bed time] is a reasonable thing, and it makes sense that they want it," Park said.

Salary negotiations are also a reasonable ask, but some new hires approach are scared that it could ruin the relationship from the onset if they come on too strong or ask too high.

That's a matter of confidence and asking for something that is reasonable.

After all, kids learn that there's a difference between asking to stay up all night versus asking for an extra 15 minutes because you did all your chores and want to finish your book.

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The 25 best jobs of 2016
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Why you should negotiate your salary like a kid asking to stay up late at bedtime

25. Occupational Therapy Assistant​

Median Salary: $56,950  
Unemployment Rate: 1.2 percent

Expected Job Openings: 14,100

Patients may require occupational therapy to manage a lifelong medical condition or the effects of a stroke, accident or other physical trauma. OTAs help these patients live as independently as possible, teaching them to perform daily tasks, such as brushing their teeth and getting dressed. To enter the field, OTAs need to earn an associate degree, which typically takes about two years.

Learn more about occupational therapy assistants.

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24. Accountant

Median Salary$65,940 
Unemployment Rate: 3.2 percent

Expected Job Openings: 142,400

Accountants inspect financial records and may work for government agencies, private corporations, nonprofits or individual clients. While an associate degree is available for accounting, employers may prefer a bachelor's or master's degree.

Learn more about accountants.

23. Occupational Therapist

Median Salary$78,810 
Unemployment Rate: 1.1 percent

Expected Job Openings: 30,400

OTs help patients build or restore their ability to perform daily tasks and work toward certain goals. Licensed OTs typically need to earn a master's degree, pass board examinations and complete a fieldwork requirement.

Learn more about occupational therapists. 

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22. Registered Nurse

Median Salary$66,640 
Unemployment Rate: 2.1 percent

Expected Job Openings: 439,300

Registered nurses monitor a patient's condition, perform medical procedures and administer medicine. Entry-level RN positions are available with an associate degree, but a bachelor's degree is becoming the industry standard.

Learn more about registered nurses. 

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21. Cartographer

Median Salary$60,930 
Unemployment Rate: 3 percent

Expected Job Openings: 3,600

Cartographers specialize in drawing maps, which have seen reinvention in an environment where millions of people look at GPS-enabled maps on cellphones and interactive maps online. Cartographers typically must earn a bachelor's degree in cartography or a related field.

Learn more about cartographers. 

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20. Web Developer

Median Salary$63,490 
Unemployment Rate: 3.4 percent

Expected Job Openings: 39,500

Web developers build websites, working with software applications or writing code to get the job done. Employers typically prefer a bachelor's degree in a computer-related field. Specialized certifications may also demonstrate expertise in a certain area.

Learn more about Web developers.

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19. Physician

Median Salary>$187,199 
Unemployment Rate: 0.4 percent

Expected Job Openings: 5,100

Physicians manage patients for a variety of medical issues, doing everything from diagnosing and treating injuries and illnesses to prescribing medicine. Becoming a physician is no easy path. Aspiring physicians need to attend medical school and complete advanced  training requirements.

Learn more about physicians.

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18. Operations Research Analyst

Median Salary$76,660 
Unemployment Rate: 3.8 percent

Expected Job Openings: 27,600

Workers in this business-related field dive into raw data and mathematical equations to help businesses make educated decisions. A bachelor's degree in math, business or industrial engineering can open the door for entry-level workers. Some employers may favor master's degree recipients.

Learn more about operations research analysts.

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17. Statistician

Median Salary$79,990 
Unemployment Rate: 4 percent

Expected Job Openings: 10,100

The highest-ranked business profession on this year's list requires mathematical prowess and a passion for numbers. Statisticians use data to make decisions. A bachelor's degree should open doors, but a master's degree or Ph.D. may open more.

Learn more about statisticians.

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16. Surgeon

Median Salary>$187,199 
Unemployment Rate: 0.4 percent

Expected Job Openings: 9,100

Scalpel, please. Surgeons operate on patients to help treat diseases, injuries and other issues. To enter the field, medical school and specialized training are a must.

Learn more about surgeons.

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15. Podiatrist

Median Salary$120,700 
Unemployment Rate: 2.1 percent

Expected Job Openings: 1,400

These medical professionals diagnose and treat problems in the feet and ankles. Podiatric medical school and advanced training are required to enter this field.

Learn more about podiatrists.

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14. Physical Therapist

Median Salary$82,390 
Unemployment Rate: 1.2 percent

Expected Job Openings: 71,800

PTs help patients battling physical issues or injuries regain movement and manage pain. To enter the field, hopefuls must typically complete a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree, as well as residency and licensing requirements.

Learn more about physical therapists.

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13. Software Developer

Median Salary$95,510 
Unemployment Rate: 2.5 percent

Expected Job Openings: 135,300

Software developers design computer programs, often flexing their creative muscles and technical know-how. A bachelor's degree in computer science is typical – but not required – as are strong programming skills.

Learn more about software developers.

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12. Optometrist

Median Salary$101,410 
Unemployment Rate: 0.7 percent

Expected Job Openings: 11,000

These medical professionals specialize in eye care and prescribe contact lenses or glasses. Optometrists must complete a Doctor of Optometry program, licensing exams and other requirements.

Learn more about optometrists.

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10 (tie). Obstetrician and Gynecologist

Median Salary>$187,199 
Unemployment Rate: 0.4 percent

Expected Job Openings: 4,300

OB-GYNs specialize in women's reproductive health, managing everything from contraception to childbirth. Like other medical fields, the road to becoming an OB-GYN is paved with medical school, licensing examinations and residency requirements.

Learn more about obstetricians and gynecologists.

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10 (tie). Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

Median Salary>$187,199 
Unemployment Rate: 0.2 percent

Expected Job Openings: 1,200

These medical professionals perform surgeries on the face, mouth and jaw. Dental school and specialized training are among the requirements for this field.

Learn more about oral and maxillofacial surgeons.

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9. Anesthesiologist

Median Salary>$187,199 
Unemployment Rate: 0.4 percent

Expected Job Openings: 7,100

These medical specialists administer anesthesia to numb pain during invasive procedures. Among the hurdles: Anesthesiologists must complete medical school and other specialized training.

Learn more about anesthesiologists

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8. Pediatrician

Median Salary$163,350 
Unemployment Rate: 0.4 percent

Expected Job Openings: 3,600

Pediatricians are the doctors who diagnose and treat babies, children and young adults. Like other medical professionals, pediatricians must finish medical school, residency and other training.

Learn more about pediatricians.

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7. Psychiatrist

Median Salary$181,880 
Unemployment Rate: 1.8 percent

Expected Job Openings: 4,200

These health professionals specialize in diagnosing and treating issues related to the mind and mental health. Becoming a psychiatrist requires a medical school degree and additional specialized training.

Learn more about psychiatrists.

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6. Nurse Practitioner

Median Salary$95,350 
Unemployment Rate: 1.3 percent

Expected Job Openings: 44,700

Nurse practitioners treat patients for a variety of issues and ailments and may be able to work independently from a physician. To enter the field, hopefuls must earn specialized credentials on top of their nursing degree.

Learn more about nurse practitioners.

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5. Physician Assistant

Median Salary$95,820 
Unemployment Rate: 0.2 percent

Expected Job Openings: 28,700

PAs coordinate with physicians and other health care workers to treat patients. They typically need to complete a master's degree, clinical training and other requirements.

Learn more about physician assistants.

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4. Nurse Anesthetist

Median Salary$153,780 
Unemployment Rate: 1.3 percent

Expected Job Openings: 7,400

These registered nurses specialize in anesthesiology, administering drugs to minimize the pain of procedures. These health professionals undergo training on top of their nursing degree to specialize in this area.

Learn more about nurse anesthetists.

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3. Computer Systems Analyst

Median Salary$82,710 
Unemployment Rate: 2.6 percent 
Expected Job Openings: 118,600

These experts help companies evaluate and improve their computer systems. A bachelor's degree in information sciences can help hopefuls get started in this field.

Learn more about computer systems analysts. 

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2. Dentist

Median Salary$149,530 
Unemployment Rate: 0.2 percent 
Expected Job Openings: 23,300

Open wide. The No. 2 ranked job for 2016 is dentist. These professionals diagnose and treat issues of the teeth and gums and must graduate from dental school.

Learn more about dentists. 

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1. Orthodontist

Median Salary>$187,199 
Unemployment Rate: 0.2 percent 
Expected Job Openings: 1,500

Anyone with a mouth full of braces can tell you about orthodontists. Professionals in this No. 1 ranked job straighten teeth and align bites. Among other requirements, orthodontists must attend dental school and receive specialized training.

Learn more about orthodontists. 

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Many employers expect there to be some give and take, and often take that into account in the initial offer. Negotiating salaries is not about one side winning, but having it be a win-win for both the employer and the employee.

"The anvil will not fall on your head. They will not retract the job offer," Park said.

If you're scared to ask in situations where you don't know, it's better to ask "is this normal?" or "what's the normal range?" than nothing at all, Park said.

But there is one part of bedtime negotiations that you might want to leave out. Whining about bed time or begging from an emotional point of view for a raise doesn't get you as far as giving a good reason why. No parent (or boss) wants to hear a tantrum, no matter how much they want to be on the same team.

"Save the emotional guns for last," Park said.

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