Shocking 'A4 waist challenge' asks women to compare their bodies to piece of paper

Social Media Trend Compares Waist Size to Sheet of Paper
Social Media Trend Compares Waist Size to Sheet of Paper

Originating in China, a bizarre new trend has popped up on social media encouraging drastically unrealistic body standards for women.

The "challenge" calls for girls to hold a piece of paper up to their waists in hopes that they will be the same width or smaller than the 8.27 inch page, aka the standard size of a page.

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The concerning call-to-action gained steam on Weibo, the Chinese micro-blogging site, and has since picked up traction on Instagram and Twitter.

Hundreds of photos have now emerged showing women standing in front of a mirror, holding the page horizontally either in front of their body or behind their back proving that they meet the beauty standard. In other photos, someone else can be seen taking the photos for them so that they can fully grasp the page with both hands.

According to Daily Mail, "A US size triple zero, or UK size 0, is a waist measurement of around 23 inches in circumference though the width of a waist might vary," proving just how small the challenge calls for women to be to be successful.

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Prior to this particular trend's rise to popularity, there have been countless other viral challenges that promoted equally worryingly slender frames.

One of the most wide-spread social media "tests" was the belly button challenge, which saw women wrapping their arm around their back, proving they could touch their navel.

See more images of the social media trend below.

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