Seriously, how many girls are there in this picture?

People Are Stumped Guessing How Many Girls Are In This Mind-Bending Photo

We hate to drag you into this right now, we really do -- especially considering you might not have even recovered from #thedress and #thejacket yet.

But we really cannot suffer through this trauma alone.

Instagram user @tizzia recently uploaded a photo to the popular photo-sharing app that has the Internet in a tizzy.

The question is simple: How many girls are in this photo?

The answer, however, is anything but.

While you may be quick to answer that there are clearly two girls depicted in the image, a closer examination of their bracelets (and their "reflection's" bracelets) might make you start to second guess yourself.

Then, maybe you'll start to see four girls ... or six ...

Before you know it, the very fabric of reality is being torn in two right before your eyes.

But seriously, HELP US SETTLE THIS.

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