'Pawn Stars' arrest: Chumlee had lots of pot, guns and a dance pole, report says

Austin 'Chumlee' Russell Arrest: 12 Guns, Marijuana, Meth Found in His Home
Austin 'Chumlee' Russell Arrest: 12 Guns, Marijuana, Meth Found in His Home

"Pawn Stars" regular Austin "Chumlee" Russell had sizable amounts of marijuana and guns in his Nevada home when Las Vegas Metropolitan Police executed a search warrant on his residence last week, Russell's arrest report says.

He also, according to the report, has a room in his home referred to a the "Chum Chum" Room, which is equipped with a dance pole.

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The report obtained by ABC affiliate KTNV states that a search warrant was executed based on a sexual assault allegation made by a woman. Police arrived at Russell's home looking for evidence including bedding, trace evidence and swabs from Austin.

They found a lot more than that, according to the arrest report.

Police said that Russell was reluctant to allow them into a vault in his home, saying that it contained "private things." Eventually, Russell, who the report says admitted to smoking "a lot of weed," told police that they would find four ounces of marijuana in there. Austin reportedly told police that he preferred to buy large amounts of marijuana to cut down on purchases. He added that the marijuana was for his "personal use," and that he was not a drug dealer.

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The report indicates that police also found 12 guns in Russell's home, including a Ruger .357 revolver, a Sig Sauer handgun and a 12-gauge shotgun. Four of the weapons were registered to Russell.

Police indicated that they also found 7 clear capsules containing 1.7 gross grams of methamphetamine in the residence.

In the "Chum Chum" Room (complete with stripper pole), the arrest report says, police found a clear plastic baggie with white residue and a $1 bill rolled up with white residue.

Police also said they found several "bars" of Xanax.

Russell's attorney, David Chesnoff, told TheWrap in a statement, "We will be analyzing what was allegedly found and whether the alleged seizure was lawful in a courtroom, not in the media. Austin has great faith in the judicial system — as do I — and looks forward to a just resolution of the matter."

The reality TV star was charged with prohibited person possession of firearm, possession of methamphetamine, possession of marijuana over 1 ounce and possession of schedule I – schedule IV controlled substance, the latter for the Xanax.

Russell has not been charged in connection with the sexual assault allegation, which is still being investigated.

History, which airs "Pawn Stars," and Leftfield Pictures, which produces the show, had no comment on Russell's arrest.

Russell has since been released on bond since the March 9 arrest and is next due back in court May 23.

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