OnlyOnAOL: Donnie Wahlberg gets sexy with Jenny McCarthy

Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy on "Donnie Loves Jenny"
Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy on "Donnie Loves Jenny"


They're soulmates on the A&E series "Donnie Loves Jenny," which airs Wednesdays. And in season three, premiering tonight, Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg deal with that most pedestrian of problems: the DMV.

In person, the two finish each other's sentences and seem smitten. "We're perfect mirrors. We're absolutely mirrors in the good and bad and awesome of it all," says McCarthy. "I'll say something to him that I know is advice for myself."

The reality show was a way for them to spend time together in Chicago, where they live. Otherwise, Wahlberg spends three days per week in New York City, shooting the CBS hit "Blue Bloods" -- he plays a detective on the police drama. And McCarthy has her own Sirius radio show. The two became engaged in April 2014 and tied the knot in August. And he's performing his first solo show in June to raise money for her charity, Generation Rescue.

"We're very different but in many ways twins. We love the same way. We work the same way," says Wahlberg.

He says there's no reality TV curse for couples. If you love each other, you're golden. But a TV show doesn't break up a marriage; the people in it break up a marriage. So far, so very good, say the two. Their pet peeves are simple and identical.

"Passive-aggressiveness. Not with each other. We don't it. But when people do it," says McCarthy. "I think it drives us cuckoo. We get right to the point."

Says Wahlberg: "It didn't take me long to figure out what bothers her and not do it. We don't like being guilted. We don't like passive-aggressive behavior."

The two are open and affectionate with each other. And very amorous, when the opportunity presents itself.

"Super-sexy? We're talking a hotel night, away from kids. Get your wife or girlfriend out of the environment that has errands or children," says McCarthy. "It allows you to mess up a room and be as loud as you want."

"We mess the room up a lot. When you have kids, they will interrupt," says Wahlberg.

He says he finds his wife perfect. She can gain weight, or lose it, and it doesn't matter. But in truth, he loves her most when she's au natural.

"When she's ready for bed on a non-sexy night, when she's washed her makeup off and is ready for bed in her cute pajamas," says Wahlberg. "When she's stripped down to nothing. It's true. I love her like this all dolled up. But this is my girlfriend. But tonight, when we're alone and getting ready for bed, we let out our stomachs."