MLB player retires after team says he can't bring his son in the clubhouse

White Sox DH Adam LaRoche to Retire
White Sox DH Adam LaRoche to Retire

Adam LaRoche has hit 255 home runs over his dozen seasons in the MLB for the Atlanta Braves, Pittsburgh Pirates, Boston Red Sox, Arizona Diamondbacks, Washington Nationals and Chicago White Sox.

But it seems like that career is coming to an abrupt end.

News emerged Tuesday that LaRoche was suddenly retiring three weeks into spring training. Initial speculation was that his fall-off in numbers had something to do with it. Later reports indicated that a personal issue was the cause. But just a day later, we know the real situation at play.

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According to Fox Sports' Ken Rosenthal, LaRoche retired when White Sox president Ken Williams told him that his son being in the clubhouse at all times was becoming problematic.

He later added more context, including quotes from Williams, in a Facebook post.

Just talked to #White Sox president Ken Williams. Here is what he told me about LaRoche:"There has been no policy...

Posted by Ken Rosenthal on Wednesday, March 16, 2016

LaRoche's relationship with his son is unique, and one that has clearly created strong feelings from people in the organization. It's clear why some might be less than pleased with a teenager in the locker room at all times. At the same time, LaRoche maintaining such a close relationship with his son is admirable.

The 36-year-old was quoted in 2013 as saying he valued his son being around his baseball team more than a classroom.

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"We're not big on school. I told my wife, 'He's going to learn a lot more useful information in the clubhouse than he will in the classroom, as far as life lessons,' " he said then to the Washington Post.

The story, written when LaRoche was a member of the Washington Nationals, said that Drake attended classes in the winter months.

According to Rosenthal, LaRoche could still be mulling over a return to the team.

Bryce Harper, a former teammate of LaRoche, tweeted his support.

For LaRoche, retiring would mean walking away from $13 million.

This will surely be a situation to monitor over the coming days.

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