Makeup artist turns her lips into modern works of art

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While they may not be considered the most classic of beauty looks, the mind-blowing creations by Andrea Reed are definitely works of art in their own right.

Under the Instagram name GreyGirlBeauty, the Canadian makeup artist creates and posts lip art masterpieces that she paints on herself using only fine tip brushes and a hand mirror.

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Reed uses her lips as a canvas, painting intricate designs with tiny, layered strokes to give off a multi-dimentional look.

While she does create original patterns, her most popular posts thus far have been takes on classic images, such as Kastsushika Hokusai's famous painting, Great Wave Off Kanagawa.

Check out more of her off-the-wall creations below:

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Makeup artist turns her lips into modern works of art
#LipArt to match the @paperself lashes from my last pic. Black line work is drawn with the @katvondbeauty Tattoo Liner in 'Trooper' Lip base is the @sigmabeauty 'Lose the Halo' lip concealer and @anastasiabeverlyhills Liquid Lipstick in 'Milkshake'. @thekatvond @katvondbeauty
Floral #Lipart Using @anastasiabeverlyhills Liquid Lipsticks in Milkshake, Party Pink, Bambi, Carina, Retro Coral, and Vintage. The green leaves and white highlights are from the @makeupforeverofficial Flash Palette. Sorry I can't remember which brushes I used as this is an old old old lipart that I never posted. Two reasons why: 1. I didn't have enough light when I took the photo (I've since learned how to brighten the image while keeping the colours true to real life) It's definately not perfect but oh well 😚 2. Literally while I was finishing up this photo months back, I checked my IG and saw that @sarahmcgbeauty had posted her own floral lipart. I know it seems petty but I didn't want people thinking I was copying her😂 Sarah's is amazing I think I was intimidated a bit too. Anyway I kinda forgot about it but I'm happy I revisited.
My submission for the @fullipsenhancer 'Kissing Cancer Goodbye' Lipart contest to raise awareness and money for breast cancer research during the month of October. A very special family member (and probably the most supportive, kind person I know - you know who you are!💕) was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and I wanted to do this one especially for you. Thinking of you constantly, you're in our prayers every day. 💗💗💗 I challenge everyone to join in and do your own! Please read all the details and rules at I'll tag a few artists I want to see do this! #beatcancer #raiseawareness #breastcancerawareness #kissingcancergoodbye @nbcf Products used: @anastasiabeverlyhills Liquid Lipsticks in Sugar Plum, Bambi, Blush, Sweet Talker, Baby Pink, Party Pink, Lovely and Unicorn. Brush: @smithcosmetics # 202. Nails are @nailhur Glamazon set.
Autumn #Lipart 🍁🍂🍃 Using all @anastasiabeverlyhills Liquid Lipsticks. Colours used: Potion, Sad Girl, Vamp, Spicy, Sepia, Sarafine, Heathers, Trust Issues, Veronica. Done with the @smithcosmetics # 202 brush of course.
Raspberry Glitter Lips and Nails 💋💅🏻 Lips are lined with @anastasiabeverlyhills 'Midnight' Liquid Lipstick (and @smithcosmetics # 202 brush). The nails are @nailhur glamazon but I painted them, filed them pointier and covered them in glitter! ✨ code 💋 girlgrey 💋 for 65% off
#LipArt using the @liplandcosmetics Amrezy Collection. @amrezy Colours are: Rezy, Montenegro, and Brooklyn. (Code 💋girlgrey💋 for 25% off all permanent products at @liplandcosmetics) @smithcosmetics # 202 brush. I also have a special video coming at you tomorrow 😉 for anyone who says this is all #photoshop 😋
Thanks for all the love on this #lipart and thank you for 90k! I 💙 each and every one of my weird, creative, art-loving followers! You guys are the best💙 Check my last 2 posts for closeups of this lip. The colour is 'Paint' liquid lipstick by @anastasiabeverlyhills @norvina
🌿🍃 Makeup details: Lip colour is done with @frontrowcosmetics eye shadows. Leaf veins done with @sedonalace White Gel Liner. Brushes: @smithcosmetics.

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