Makeup artist turns her lips into modern works of art

14 Famous Makeup Trends: 1930s to Now
14 Famous Makeup Trends: 1930s to Now

While they may not be considered the most classic of beauty looks, the mind-blowing creations by Andrea Reed are definitely works of art in their own right.

Under the Instagram name GreyGirlBeauty, the Canadian makeup artist creates and posts lip art masterpieces that she paints on herself using only fine tip brushes and a hand mirror.

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Reed uses her lips as a canvas, painting intricate designs with tiny, layered strokes to give off a multi-dimentional look.

While she does create original patterns, her most popular posts thus far have been takes on classic images, such as Kastsushika Hokusai's famous painting, Great Wave Off Kanagawa.

Check out more of her off-the-wall creations below:

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