This is what Kanye West does when he can't find his Uber

WATCH: Kanye West Ditches His Uber, Gets a Ride With Paparazzi Instead!
WATCH: Kanye West Ditches His Uber, Gets a Ride With Paparazzi Instead!

Ever wonder how Kanye West gets around Los Angeles? Well, now you have your answer.

The rapper slash designer slash Kim Kardashian's husband is just like you and me: He uses Uber. While in between Twitter rants recently, West was videotaped walking out of garage with a giant Gatorade logo painted on its wall while talking on the phone with the driver of the Uber he ordered.

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The problem? He was experienced the very real problem that we all regularly face: He couldn't find his Uber driver!

"Where is this black sedan," Yeezus asked to no one in particular.

"Looking for your Uber?" the inquiring paparazzi asked.

"Yeah I am," West responded. "Uber everywhere! Shout out Travis." (Side note: West is referencing the Travis Scott song called, you guessed it, "Uber Everywhere Remix.")

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After pacing back and forth and looking extremely worried about his Uber driver's whereabouts, West was unsure what to do. But that's what the paparazzi came to the rescue and offered to take him wherever he wanted to go. West, exhibiting his low-maintenance, go with the flow personality, accepted the offer.

"I don't need Uber anymore," he exclaimed. "Just had a paps take me where I want to go! Do y'all like that term, 'the paps?'"

See, Kanye is concerned with other people's feelings!

After getting in the car to go to his boxing trainer out in Santa Monica, West asked the paparazzi in the backseat to kindly stop filming, because he had to make a phone call. The footage then cuts to West getting out of the car and laughing with said trainer about the fact that he just hitched a ride with the paparazzi.

Stars, they're just like us: They wait aimlessly for their Ubers ... until the paparazzi offers them a ride.

Check out the full video below:

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