Damon and Jo's one piece of advice will completely change how you travel


If you've been sitting at a desk job for most of your life wanting to break out and travel the world, Damon and Jo have something to say to you.

The YouTube duo, who focuses on creating hysterical and informative videos for traveling on a budget, left their normal lives behind and now spend their days exploring different parts of the world and learning new languages -- and they think you should follow suit.

Ahead, we caught up with Damon and Jo during this year's SXSW festival, and tapped into their expertise knowledge on all-things travel, including their biggest piece of advice to travelers and what they've learned about themselves through their journeys.

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There's this stigma that people should be putting work before traveling. What do you say to people who are putting their trips on the back burner for their 9-to-5?
Jo: So I worked in corporate America for a bit while we first started filming our show and it was a travel company too. But I was in a position at a corporate job where there was a lot of times when your bosses would hold you back. And I realized that my boss -- this woman telling me that she doesn't want me to leave -- isn't the person living my life. At the end of the day it doesn't matter what she wants for my life, it's what I want for my life.

And I think a lot of people, even our friends who have corporate jobs, they start believing that what other people want from them is what they want for themselves. So I would tell them that this is your one life to live. Are you actually living the life that you want to live? Because if you're living a life for other people, you're going to regret it by the time your like 80 and you're going to look back and think that all of those years you were sitting at desk you could have been traveling the world. People are afraid. We get that -- it's scary to leave your financial safety. But if you want to do something, you will do it no matter what it takes.

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What is something you've learned about yourself during your travels?
Jo: So this isn't something I've learned while traveling, but it's something I've learned while going in the deep end and doing things alone. When I was a freshman in college I would start going out by myself and meeting people. And I thought to myself that if I could go into a room filled with strangers and be okay, I can go anywhere and be okay. And I think that's a huge life lesson: people just don't trust themselves enough. And when you travel, you're forced to -- especially if it's solo travel.

Damon: Just to piggy back onto what Jo said, when you travel, everything will be okay. No matter if it's good or bad, but at the end of the day, the good triumphs the bad. And even if these bad things happen to you, you will persevere.

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Jo: I have this motto that's like, "Have no fear, you gonna persevere." That's honestly true no matter where you go.

You guys are constantly together -- what is something that you've learned about each other during your trips?
Damon: Tell me about it! We work together, we travel together, we llive together! I think I do more of the creative side of things, but Jo does it now too.

Jo: We have blended. When we first started to do things, Damon used to do the more creative side and I arranged all the business. But now, I'll edit full vidoes and he'll respond to business emails. So I think we learned from each other's strong suits and have gained those characteristics.

Damon: And since we have a YouTube channel together and we're not a one-man show, there's this sacrifice too. We both have our personal lives, but if we have a trip, we both have open up our schedules, so there's a lot about learning about sacrifice too.

Where is one place you want to visit that you've never been before?
Damon: I think we both wanted to go to Dublin Ireland.

Jo: And we haven't even hit up any of Asia or Australia at all!

Damon: I think Tokyo is maybe our next big trip.

Jo: Then again, we're happy going anywhere and everywhere; we're just happy to learn.

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