Damon and Jo dish on their favorite memory from abroad

Damon and Jo are not your typical young adults. After realizing that their true passions were traveling the world and learning different languages, the two embarked on the journey of a lifetime, heading to over 30 countries in the last three years (and trust us, they do not show any signs of slowing down).

The brain-child of Damon and Jo is "Shut Up and Go," a YouTube channel that documents the travel junkie millennials on all of their incredible adventures, including their language lessons, outdoor excursions, and their interactions with locals. To date, the channel boasts over 200,000 subscribers who have been won over by Damon and Jo's larger-than-life personalities, on-camera charisma, and their pure, unadulterated passion for exploring. And who can blame them? After one viewing of their signature vlogs, and you'll feel the same.

We caught up with the duo during SXSW and spoke to them about what it has been like to meet their fans IRL, where they see "Shut Up and Go" in the next few years, and of course, their favorite memory while abroad.

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How does it feel coming back to New York City -- a place that used to be your "home" -- after traveling for so long?
Jo: It's a bittersweet thing because it's nice, but you realize that you needed to get out of there, since the lifestyle we were living in New York was not a positive one to build our YouTube channel. That's actually part of our journey is leaving from New York to LA where we can work on our YouTube channel full-time and be full-time influencers.

How do you see "Shut Up and Go" evolving in the next few years? You mentioned that you originally wanted it to be on TV -- is that still something you want?
Jo: Honestly, we love doing YouTube because it gives us the full creative control; we have full control of what our content is or what language it's in. We know our audience, we know what they want and we have a relationship with them. So TV wouldn't be an absolute no, but it's not something we would actively pursue. We're living our ideal lifestyle right now without anybody's hands in it.

What has it been like to meet your fans from all over the world?
Damon: We try and meet with our fans as much as possible. And literally right before this phone call, we we're rushing to get Jo's badge for the panel at SXSW and everyone was screaming about how much they love the videos, and that was really just the cherry on top of the cake. We're here rushing, and getting all these phone calls, and then you see someone that knows you and it brings you back to why you do this.

What has been your favorite memory from all of your trips?
Jo: Before we moved to L.A., we went on a month long Euro trip where we would go from country to country on a train. And we were working by writing this blog, in exchange for accommodation. We were working for a train ticket in exchange for a video. So we were working non-stop and we hit up 10 countries in 30 days.

Damon: That was very fast paced, much like we are as Damon and Jo, but I think one of the most memorable was when we were in Italy and did this hike of Cinque Terre and started in this small town with lots of colorful buildings and we hiked for 45 minutes up to the top of the mountain. And before you hit the next town, you got this view of a riviera.

Jo: But the hike was no joke. We made this whole video while on the hike and was like "Still hiking. Still hiking." We were just laughing about how out of breath and hungry we were. We didn't even eat anything that day, but we got up to the top of mountain it was completely worth it. It was one of the most beautiful things I will ever see in my life.

Damon: It was one of those things that I had seen on book covers or on Instagram, and I was like "If people are out there taking this picture, I can do the same thing." And that's what we really strive to show our YouTube channel.

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