Couple needs a second bed for all their adopted dogs

Couple Needs a Second Bed for All Their Adopted Dogs

By: Troy Frisby, Buzz60

A couple in New York has added a second bed to their bedroom, just for their adopted dogs.

Now they can have a doggy slumber party every night of the week, complete with dog-themed sheets.

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Chris and Mariesa Hughes run the Mr. Mo Project, a nationwide rescue to keep elderly dogs out of shelters.

With generous donations from sponsors nationwide, all Mr. Mo Project program dogs receive medical bill assistance for the duration of their lives.

In all, the pair has seven dogs, all rescued from various forms of abuse.

The pooches couldn't all sleep on the couch. So Chris and his wife set up a second bed right next to theirs, so they can all sleep in the same room.

On top of a separate bed, the couple is working on building stairs and a ramp so the dogs won't have to jump up.

Sure, sharing a bed with six other people sounds like a nightmare for a human -- but based on the photos, it seems these canines have made themselves quite at home.

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