Barry Bonds wins Miami Marlins home run derby

Barry Bonds Trying to Bring Value to Marlins Hitters
Barry Bonds Trying to Bring Value to Marlins Hitters

Quick, who'd win a home run derby among the Marlins' current personnel? Surely Giancarlo Stanton, right? Ah, but don't forget about that hitting coach.

Mish, who covers baseball for SiriusXM, later tweeted that he tried to capture the impromptu slugging contest on periscope but wasn't able to get to his phone in time. We'll take his word for it, simply because even at age 51, we're pretty sure Bonds could still hit 20-25 homers a year if he were to suit up for an MLB team.

(And sure, go ahead and insert your PED joke here.)

Thus, there's no real shame for Stanton and his Marlins teammates, seeing as Bonds has likely hit more career round-trippers than all of them combined. Things have been fairly quiet on the Bonds front since he agreed to join Miami as co-hitting coach for the 2016 season after being away from the game since his 2007 retirement except for a brief spring training instructional for the San Francisco Giants two seasons ago.

He still can't find the votes to make the Baseball Hall of Fame, but if he keeps this up, Bonds is bound to be a first ballot member of the Spring Training Anecdotal Hall of Fame — though that one might not come with a bust.