Astronomers have observed changes in Ceres' bright spots

Astronomers Have Observed Changes In Ceres' Bright Spots
Astronomers Have Observed Changes In Ceres' Bright Spots

About a year ago when news of the bright spots on Ceres broke, scientists were puzzled by the mysterious marks.

The situation has just become even more perplexing, as a recently published study reveals that observations show the glowing features change intensity over time.

Variations in reflected light seem to coincide with exposure to the sun.

See images of the stunning dwarf planet:

The study's lead author Paolo Molaro of the INAF-Trieste Astronomical Observatory believes that could mean the material involved in the appearance of the spots is something that turns to vapor when heated.

The resulting haze could scatter the sun's rays, producing the brightening effect.

Since the mysterious spots were discovered, a number of theories about their composition have emerged.

The new discovery does not necessarily prove or disprove any, but does add the possibility the dwarf planet is geologically active.

Coming to any definitive resolution will likely take some time.

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