All of the viral 'animals that look like food' comparisons, ranked from least to most disturbing

No, those aren't all parrots pictured above -- half of the images you're seeing are actually of guacamole.


The same mastermind that brought us "Labradoodles or fried chicken?" is at it again.

As her oddly observant tweets continue going viral -- many have been featured on famous Instagrams like @thefatjewish and @fuckjerry --Twitter user @teenybiscuit keeps churning out her signature animal-to-food comparison photos at an unprecedented rate.

And these things just keep getting harder to stomach by the second.

Here they are in order, ranked from least to most disturbing:

9. Sheepdog or mop:

Okay, technically it's not a food comparison, but it's still uncomfortable to imagine mopping your floors with a living creature.

8. Labradoodle or fried chicken:

Almost too funny to be creepy. Almost.

6. Shrew or kiwi:

Okay, maybe this is spot on -- but did you even know what a shrew looked like before seeing this image? Exactly.

6. Shiba or marshmallow:

Just us, or are s'mores like, the LEAST appealing idea right now?

5. Duckling or plantain:


4. Puppy or bagel:

10/10 would mistakenly eat.

3. Chihuahua or blueberry muffin:

Oh... oh no...

2. Kittens or ice cream:

What the...

1. Parrots or guacamole:


Honorable mention goes to sloth or pain au chocolat, since it's technically not a teenybiscuit original, but it's still creepy as all get out.

Now for the love of God, can we please let animals and food coexist peacefully? WE'RE BEGGING.

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