A Florida man is suing MillerCoors for not brewing its beer in the Rocky Mountains

MillerCoors Sued for Selling Blue Moon as Craft Beer
MillerCoors Sued for Selling Blue Moon as Craft Beer

A new lawsuit is taking Coors Light to task for straying from its Rocky Mountain roots.

A class action lawsuit filed in Miami-Dade County, Florida earlier in March argues MillerCoors misleads customers in advertising that says or implies the beer was "brewed with pure Rocky Mountain spring water," reports the Courthouse News Service.

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Since 2008, Coors beers have been brewed in non-mountainous locations from Trenton, Ohio to Irwindale, California. Today, Coors Banquet is the only Coors brand the company claims is brewed exclusively in Golden, Colorado.

Because of this, the suit says that Coors Light marketing statements such as "Proudly brewed in the Rocky Mountain tradition," "When the Mountains Turn Blue It's as Cold as the Rockies," "What would we be without our mountains?," "Our Mountain is brewing the World's most refreshing beer," and "Born in the Rockies" are misleading.

The plaintiff, Joaquin Lorenzo, says that if he realized Coors Light was not exclusively made in the Rocky Mountains, he would have bought a less expensive beer.

In 2015, MillerCoors faced a similar threat to its authenticity, when faced with a class action suit that claimed the company deceived customers by marketing Blue Moon as a craft beer. The case was eventually thrown out of court, as there is no widely accepted standard definition of craft beer.

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