Watch Riley Curry sing Happy Birthday to Stephen Curry

Mustard Minute: Riley Curry Sings Happy Birthday to Steph Curry
Mustard Minute: Riley Curry Sings Happy Birthday to Steph Curry

Stephen Curry celebrated his 28th birthday on Monday, and very few people these days can upstage the reigning league MVP. But his 3-year-old daughter Riley is a member of the exclusive list.

Riley rose to fame during last year's NBA playoffs, with her adorable cameos at Steph's press conferences. She's also been known to motivate her dad, do the Nae Nae and appear on dance cams.

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But on her dad's special day, Riley broke out a special performance that the Internet is predictably eating up.

She proceeds to hand Steph a delicious treat and giggle uncontrollably.

Curry and wife Ayesha celebrated his birthday over the weekend, minus their two children, as evidenced on her Instagram.

Curry and the Warriors are on a mission to become the best team in NBA history, but it's good to see that he isn't letting that get in the way of some family time. He scored 27 points against the New Orleans Pelicans later that night, as the Warriors moved to an astounding 60-6 -- becoming the fastest team to ever achieve 60 wins in a season.

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