Tennessee lawmaker leaves waitress 'sorry' note instead of tip

Tennessee Lawmaker Leaves Waitress 'Sorry' Note Instead Of Tip
Tennessee Lawmaker Leaves Waitress 'Sorry' Note Instead Of Tip

Tipping the server is considered a standard part of eating out which might be why one Tennessee lawmaker is being criticized for leaving her waitress a note instead of a gratuity.

Amanda Anderson served State Rep. Mary Littleton at a Nashville Hooters on March 7; however, instead of writing a tip amount on the receipt, the Tennessee lawmaker wrote the word "sorry."

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According to the Nashville Scene, Anderson posted a photo of the receipt to her Facebook page along with the comment, "State representatives are supposed to exhibit class and integrity...this one acted like a child."

When the site reached out to Littleton about the story, she responded in an email that she did not give a tip due to "the quality of service."

She also said that, in hindsight, she should have spoken to the manager instead and that she typically does tip well for good service.

Littleton's fellow diner, State Rep. Tilman Goins left no tip and no note, reports Nashville Scene.

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