Researchers excavate downed ship believed to be from Vasco da Gama's fleet

Researchers Excavate Downed Ship Believed To Be From Vasco Da Gama's Fleet

Researchers recently excavated a shipwreck found near Oman in 1998 and are rather confident the vessel was part of Vasco da Gama's early 16th century fleet.

They believe the boat to be the Esmeralda, which was lost to a storm in 1503, making this the oldest ship hailing from Europe's Age of Discovery to ever be located and expertly investigated.

The wreckage appeared to have already been stripped of many of its valuable goods, as had long been rumored.

Mideast Emirates Oman Shipwreck

While a significant amount of artillery seemed to be missing, researchers did locate an inscribed bronze bell, gold coins made in Lisbon, and a disc marked with a Portuguese coat of arms.

They also discovered an incredibly rare silver coin made at the behest of Dom Manuel I, the King of Portugal, and for the specific purpose of engaging in commerce with India.

It is the second of its kind known.

Excavations of the ship were performed between 2013 and 2015 by Oman's Ministry of Heritage & Culture in partnership with Blue Water Recoveries Ltd.

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