Report reveals US cities with the worst traffic

Report Reveals US Cities With The Worst Traffic
Report Reveals US Cities With The Worst Traffic

If you're stuck in traffic, irritated, and stressing over how much time you're losing, be assured you are far from alone.

According to the Inrix Traffic Scorecard, commutes in many U.S. cities are among the most brutal in the world.

The company calculates that last year Americans collectively lost 8 billion hours to gridlocks, slowdowns, and the like.

In fact, 5 of the planet's 10 worst traffic cities in terms of wasted time are located in the United States.

As far as just the U.S. is concerned, Los Angeles came in 1st with a commuter wasting an average of 81 hours in traffic last year.

Commuters in Washington, D.C. and San Francisco tied at 75 hours each. Those behind the wheels in Houston and New York (73 hours) weren't far behind.

Finishing off the U.S. top 10 are Seattle (66 hours), Boston (64 hours), Chicago (60 hours), Atlanta (59 hours), and Honolulu (49 hours).

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