Remember Big Red from 'Bring it On'? Well, you would probably not even recognize her now

Kirsten Dunst and Patrick Wilson on Acting a TV Show Vs. Film
Kirsten Dunst and Patrick Wilson on Acting a TV Show Vs. Film

"Bring It On" might be the best sports movie of all time. There, we've said it. Move over "Blindside," the Toros have taken over.

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Let's face it, we can all probably recite the famous cheers like "Brr...It's Cold in Here," or "Pump Our Gas," it's just a gift we all have. Along with iconic performances like those, we also fondly remember the HBIC that was Big Red.

We were first introduced to Big Red in the opening scene of the film, which (in our opinion) goes down as one of the best movie openers of all time. Check it out below for a bit of a refresher. We dare you to only watch it once...

"You can look but don't you hum..." Okay, we digress.

Big Red, played by Lindsay Sloane, was one of the best characters in pop culture history. As many of us remember, you've probably noticed Slone from her role on "Sabrina the Teenage Witch," or "The Wonder Years" in her pre-"Bring It On" days. That had us thinking, what is she up to now?

For starters, this is what she used to look like back on the set of "Bring It On":

And this is here today:

Feel old yet?

Slone has stayed quite busy ever since those Big Red days. From movies like "Horrible Bosses" and "The Other Guys," and TV shows like "The Odd Couple," and "Psych," it's safe to say she's shed her Big Red ego.

While no social media presence, it's safe to say fans are still obsessing over her character.

Never the less, we will always love this movie and of course Big Red! And remember, you are to never drop the spirit stick.

Relive more from "Bring It On" in the gallery below!

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