Paul Ryan spends flight reading about his own possible presidency

House Speaker Ryan Says He Doesn't Want To Run For 2016 Presidency
House Speaker Ryan Says He Doesn't Want To Run For 2016 Presidency

Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House and chairman of the 2016 Republican convention, is just as curious what will happen during this mess of a nominating contest as the rest of us. How do we know? After refusing a first class upgrade this morning, he spent an entire flight reading about it.

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A tipster on a flight between between Chicago's O'Hare and DC's Ronald Reagan Airport this morning alerted us to the presence of Speaker Paul Ryan. Behold:


Just last week Ryan sent a cease and desist letter to a group that was trying to draft him into the presidential race; the group promptly shut down afterward. But it appears the dream of becoming president is still alive for Ryan, who, during this one flight, read at least three different articles about his chances of becoming the nominee at a contested convention—you know, just in case. According to our source, the headline of one such article was "Why the GOP fantasy to nominate Paul Ryan is likely to fizzle." He was also seen reading an article entitled "Pro-reform groups slam Ryan's plans for immigration amicus brief."

At one point Ryan was offered a first class seat, but refused it. You see, Paul Ryan is just a man of the people, a regular dude with a security detail reading how he might become the central figure in an anti-democratic party coup to take out a racist demagogue. Very humble. (Also humble: the ads Congressman Ryan receives for men's boxers.)

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Our intrepid source relayed to Vocativ that Ryan was listening to Led Zeppelin on his iPhone, drinking a Seagram's Soda, and was not wearing a tie. He was flanked by an earpiece-wearing security detail. The source also told us Ryan nodded off at one point, that he is very tall, and that his hair "is seriously gelled into place except for a little cowlick in the back." Before landing, Ryan went to the bathroom and put on his tie, like a gentleman.

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Welcome back to Washington, Congressman Ryan! You could not have been more on brand during this flight if you were doing a bicep curl while debating the finer points of the federal budget.

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