NCAA Tournament picks 2016: 5 dark horses that could go far

How To Pick Your NCAA Tournament Bracket
How To Pick Your NCAA Tournament Bracket

We are already two days removed from Selection Sunday, so if you haven't filled out your NCAA Tournament 2016 bracket, then you're already behind a majority of the country. March Madness isn't just a special time for college basketball fans, but sports and non sports followers from around the country get involved in office pools and it's the most exciting three weeks in sports.

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At the end of the tournament, we will get to see a deserving team cut down the nets in Houston, but before that can even happen, upsets will need to occur. The first and second rounds are usually riddled with high seeds taking down favorites while the Sweet 16 on is usually business as usual.

If you're stuck on who you think would be a potential dark horse candidate and you don't know if they're the right choice, go with your gut. Otherwise, this list is here to help.

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Taking a look at the dark horse candidates in this year's field, there aren't many that really stick out, but some potential No. 5 and higher seeds who can be considered underdogs who could really make a run at the Final Four.

When I said "dark horse" I don't mean Cinderella teams like No. 13 or No. 12 seeds that could win a round or two, I mean No. 5, No. 6, No. 7 and maybe even a No. 11 seed who could run all the way to the Elite Eight and maybe pull a George Mason and snag a bid to the Final Four.

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Let's take a look at five dark horse candidates who could go far in the 2016 NCAA Tournament:

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