Morgan Stewart reveals just how real 'Rich Kids of Beverly Hills' is

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Let's get one thing straight: Morgan Stewart is as real as it gets. But you probably knew that if you've ever seen an episode of "Rich Kids of Beverly Hills", the E! Network hit-series that follows Stewart, alongside EJ Johnson, Dorothy Wang and more, as they live their daily lives in the 90210. Morgan Stewart has quickly become a fan-favorite on "Rich Kids" with her sharp-shooter attitude and overall realness -- it's guaranteed she's going to tell it like it is.

As the show starts its fourth season -- which will premiers on April 17th -- Morgan has proven herself the one to watch. Her wedding to "Rich Kids" cast member, Brendan Fitzpatrick, will be airing this season, along with a more in-depth look at her friendships and a focus on her upcoming projects. It will serve as proof that this socialite is on her way to becoming a Hollywood power-house. And according to Morgan, this will be the best installment yet.

"It's the grittiest season and I feel like you get to see who we are as people," she claims. The latest episodes will be an honest depiction of her day-to-day life. And for all you skeptics, if you were wondering just how "real" the reality television program is, Morgan has an answer for you.

Ahead, we caught up with Morgan on her start of "Rich Kids," what's in-store for Season 4, and her relationships with fans!

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How did you first get involved with "Rich Kids of Beverly Hills"?
I got involved with "Rich Kids" because Dorothy was approached by a casting director at the time, and they said, "bring your friends, I think you guys have something special." And so her and I did a tape and then six weeks later we had a show. I mean, I wish this story was more exciting and I've told this story so many times I don't really remember, but it was meant to be so it happened.

What was it like when you first started filming?
I remember the first day of filming and I remember not really realizing how much work was going to go into it. I was so exhausted that first week and I felt as if I couldn't even function. I was so sick that first season every second because I never had to work so hard on something and I just didn't have the stamana. So I built it up overtime.

What would be a typical workday for you while filming?
Usually we get up and we just film all day long. There's a few outfit changes, sometimes into dinner scenes. It's crazy that you have to look fresh all-day long. That doesn't happen normally. It's just constant stopping and restarting. And you'll have two hour conversations that will literally boil down into 2 minutes worth of footage.

How much of the "reality" in the show is actually real?
It's all real. We have a real show; I don't know what other shows are like, but we're all real friends and we all grew up in Beverly Hills. You know what I mean? Nobody is telling us what to say or do. If somebody was doing that, I'd be on a scripted show.

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You knew everyone going into the show beforehand, so how has the dynamic changed since you started filming?
I think that we've become family at this point. We really, really, really do love each other and care for one another, and I feel like not too many of our other friends have gone through this with us, so it's a very unique experience to share with somebody and we don't take it for granted. We always joke if we actually have what it takes to really be famous, because we're not going to sell the other person down the road for 10 more minutes of fame.

So basically viewers should view "Rich Kids of Beverly Hills" as a documentary?
Exactly! It's so funny, because people are always like, "Where are you from?" And I'm just like, "Where do you think I'm from?" I'm not from Florida -- sorry I hate to bust your bubble. But so many people ask me that.

Have you just finished filming the fourth season?
No we're not done filming! We still have another month.

Oh wow, but it premiers in April!
Yeah, April 17th.

So everything is shot for the most part in real-time.
Yeah! So I'm going to film parts of my wedding on the day, which is May 7th, and a week and half later it's going to be on TV.

What do you think viewers should expect from the fourth season?
I think this season is the best season by far. It's the grittiest season and I feel like you get to see who we are as people. I feel like there's a lot more drama and relationships are really tested this season, and I feel like real life kind of catches up to you when you film a reality show at some point, and it's not just perfect. So I think this season will be the realest season.

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Did you ever anticipate that "Rich Kids" would pick up for a fourth season?
No -- it's a phenomenon! Most shows don't make it past one season. I don't feel differently from where we first started, besides the fact that I get to do a couple cool more things. I don't realize how big of an accomplishment it is sometimes, but it is.

Has your life changed since you've been thrust into the spotlight?
See this thing, thrust into the spotlight seems so dramatic. Like have I really been thrust into the spotlight?

But people recognize you now, right?
People recognize me and I've had a lot of nice encounters. It's been all positive so far!

You have a very active fan base. How would you describe your relationship with them?
Luckily for me, it has been really positive. I think it's because people realize that I'm not full of s**t, I'm not trying to be something I'm not or trying to be perfect. I just am who I am and I think people respond to that.

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