Matthew Windey is paving the way for Latin American social media stars everywhere

Matthew Windey is paving the way for Latin American social media stars everywhere. His insanely popular Instagram account, the Colombian comedian is taking Miami by storm (or by 'wind' -- get it?). And whether or not you're fluent in Spanish, Windey's talent and presence are understandable -- the smile he'll put on your face translates into any language!

The editors at were lucky enough to sit down with Windey at South by Southwest to chat about his career, his inspirations and what lies ahead!

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What's your biggest social media platform?

Instagram -- I have 650,000 followers.

Wow, that's impressive! And how long have you been doing that?

For 2 years.

That's cool, that's the perfect time because that's when Instagram started blowing up. So how do you decide this is the time, this is the place?

Well, I started off in Vine with, like, 375,000 followers and I started making comedy videos in Spanish when the platform started getting bigger in Latin America. So yeah, I actually merged my followers from Vine to Instagram.

So that allows you to do way more?

Exactly -- I can explain my story a little bit before or after. So I can make the joke a little bit longer.

And when did you realize that social media would be a huge part of your career?

Once I got my first deal with a brand, I thought this might get bigger and bigger to be my career.

And how far into your career was that?

About six months, a year. I quit my job about a year and a half into it. I worked in the family business -- sales management, and I studied cinematography.

So what's your advice for a successful short film?

If you want to do content on the Internet? Keep it short and interesting, and do relatable stuff.

So how much engagement do you get from these? How do you decide how much to do in English versus Spanish?

Well, I have 30% of my followers in the United States, but I figure that because the content is in Spanish that they're Hispanic Americans. So yeah, basically I do most of it in Spanish -- like 80%-20% -- and the content that I do in English I think my followers will know and understand.

And beyond social media, what are your passions?

Well I studied film, I actually am producing my first feature film this year. I just finished writing the script two weeks ago, I'm producing the movie in Colombia in June.

Wow, congratulations! How do you adapt your videos for all of your different platforms?

I basically shoot the video on my phone, and then I edit the same joke on the different platforms, so for Facebook I do 30 seconds, for Instagram I do 15 seconds and for Vine I do 6 seconds. So it's basically the same idea spread out through all the social medias.

Got it! Do you have anything else you'd like to add?

I wish brands that have their deals done in Latin America, they should believe in us more. Because they believe in the American market instead of the Latin American market.

How do you plan to change that?

Well, everything happens later in Latin America, so if Vine gets popular in America, it'll be popular in Latin America 6 months later. So I think it's evolving, I think in the next year or so more brands are going to be involved with influencers.

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