Kylie Jenner reveals update on mural she commissioned of herself

Kylie Jenner Got a Giant Mural of Her Face Painted in Her House
Kylie Jenner Got a Giant Mural of Her Face Painted in Her House

Remember that mural of her face that Kylie Jenner had allegedly commissioned for her home? Well, it's almost done, and now we know which wig color she chose for it.

The 18-year-old social media juggernaut took to Instagram on Monday to reveal an updated snap of the portrait being painted in her home by JWoodzArt, who describes himself as a "professional starving artist." Something tells us that he'll no longer be starving after this high-profile gig.

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Jenner said that the mural is "almost done" and urged her fans to "check him out for tats if you're in the LA area."

See photos of Kylie Jenner through the years:

The gigantic piece of floor-to-ceiling wall art shows Kim Kardashian's younger sister putting on her signature big-lipped pout (It's unclear which shade of the Kylie Lip Kit she's sporting.) and the instantly iconic green wig that she wore to the Sugar Factory last year.

The portrait has Kylie's wig flowing in the wind and cuts off one of her eyes behind a dark window.

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