Daniel Nguyen is the social media comedian you should be following


Daniel Nguyen is one of the biggest names in social media -- and if he hasn't made you laugh yet, he's sure to do so very, very soon. An expert in digital media as well as martial arts, dance and comedy,his videos are as impressive as they are entertaining.

Nguyen, otherwise known as Dan Nampaikid, made an appearance this past weekend at South by Southwest, Austin's annual music, arts and technology festival, and the editors at AOL.com had the honor of sitting down with the up and coming comedy star to discuss all things social media!

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When did you first realize social media would be a big part of your career, your future, et cetera?

It was a pretty big impact for me when I actually dropped out of school, moved to California and started a new life. So, that was it.

Did you have one big video that you were like, okay this is it, this blew me up?

It was back when I was home in Boston. It was just a video shot with all my friends. It was on Vine at that time.

And what's your favorite social media network currently?

Facebook first, Instagram second, everything else is 3, 4, 5.

It's that time of the season!

Posted by Dan Nampaikid on Sunday, February 14, 2016

And do you have any big passions outside of what you're doing with social media?

I am a martial artist, I am a dancer, I am an artist, and I am a gamer.

You have a whole life outside of social media!

Yeah, besides shooting videos, which is also my hobby and my job, I also enjoy the simple things in life.

Where do you get your inspirations to do these films and work in social media?

Right now I'm trying to incorporate more of my origins, which is dancing or martial arts, and I'm trying to incorporate that into comedy, and I'm just studying a lot of films and how they're shot (framing-wise).

How do you adapt your videos for other platforms? What steps do you take to make them different (besides the length)?

How I deliver the punch. The punch is the main thing of any video -- you're going to have your ups and downs -- if you don't have a climax, then the video is kind of dry. But you need that one point at the end of the video where people say wow, that was funny or that was cool or that was scary or that was sad. If it's Vine, you've got to make that punch quick. If it's Facebook, you have more time to deliver.

What's the most surprising thing you've learned in this career about the Internet? Has there been anything surprising?

No matter what you do, whatever success you have, there's going to be people that aren't going to like you. You can have the sweetest peach, and there's going to be that one person in the world that doesn't like peaches. So you just have to honestly be happy with what you have and keep doing it, and if anyone discourages you, don't let that bring you down. I have my moments of reading comments, and I'm like, wow, this kind of gets to me, am I really that bad? Am I not funny? You just have to keep pushing and there's people that do like you and there's people that don't and that's the way the world is. You can't please everyone.

Totally true. Do you have any advice for people who are just starting out, who are trying to make it big on the Internet or on social media?

A lot of people I see on social media, they're trying to blow up on social media, they watch us and they're trying to imitate us. And people don't want to see that -- they already saw it through us. So when they see you, you have to be different. Bring something new to the table. If I do an action a certain way and you do the same action, people will have seen it before. 'Wow, I've seen Dan do this before -- why are you stealing?' If you're gonna do something of my action, make it your own. Make it whoever you are. I understand and I'm flattered that I influence you to do this, but make it your own way, not someone else's way.

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