30 facts about Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry

Allen Iverson Praises Stephen Curry

Reigning NBA MVP Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors has taken the sport of basketball by storm. Whether you gape in awe while watching the sharpshooter drain three-pointers from different area codes or are in the camp of league legends like Oscar Robertson who belittle his success, Curry no doubt gets a conversation going.

The former Davidson College star is well on his way to attaining his second MVP award in 2016, and potentially a second championship ring as well. As the Dubs continue their march toward the playoffs, the PointAfter team compiled 30 stats-driven facts about No. 30.

Note: Stats referenced come courtesy of Basketball Reference and the Davidson Men's Basketball Media Guide.


As stated earlier on in the countdown, Curry has been named to three All-Star games, in which he was voted by fans to be a starter in each game

In the three years he's reached the All-Star Game, Curry has amassed 4,164,930 combined votes from fans. It's worth noting that fans can vote far more than once, but that's a gaudy total regardless.

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By: Ben Leibowitz
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