Young Florida woman saves drowning teen


A young Florida woman jumped into action when she noticed a teen struggling to swim in her apartment complex's swimming pool.

According to the Gainesville Police Department, 16-year-old Zyvion was with friends when he accidentally fell into the pool. He, as well as his friends, do not know how to swim, reports FOX13.

Emma watched as the events unfolded from her window and immediately ran down to help. She hopped over the fence surrounding the pool and jumped in, grabbing Zyvion from the bottom of the pool and pulling him to help.

Zyvion was not breathing, so Emma performed CPR until emergency responders arrived.

Thanks to Emma's quick thinking, Zyvion is expected to make a full recovery.


FD: Toddler Critical After Near-Drowning
FD: Toddler Critical After Near-Drowning

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