Why women may want to make the first move in online dating

Women Get More Responses When They Message Men First
Women Get More Responses When They Message Men First

Who run the world? Girls.

But apparently we are lacking in one area and that is online dating.

A new study published by the online dating site, OKCupid, found that men are more likely to send the first message on the dating website than women.

On average, women send three to four first messages while men send nine to 15 messages -- depending on their age. While some argue that it "shouldn't" be the woman's job to make the first move, others are simply past this old way of thinking.

So why is it that women are so hesitant to send that first message?

One theory suggests that young women who are actively involved in the hookup culture (thanks to apps like Tinder and Bumble), may find it much easier to swipe on a person than actually initiate a conversation on a much more "serious" dating app.

But a woman who DOES send the first message actually increases her chances of going on a date by about 2.5 times.

So ladies, if you know what you want, why not just MAKE THE MOVE? Social and traditional dating norms are changing and while we are breaking barriers and shattering glass ceilings in our professional lives why not our personal lives too?

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