Remember Kyle Johnson from Disney Channel's 'Luck of the Irish'? He's still just as hot 15 years later

11 Disney Channel Stars Then and Now
11 Disney Channel Stars Then and Now

Disney Channel movies in the beginning of the new millennium were clutch. We had "Don't Look Under the Bed," "Halloweentown," and "Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century" to say the very least.

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Among them, one of the best there was, the Saint Patrick's Day themed, "Luck of the Irish." The DCOM OG movie followed a young man, Kyle Johnson, as he battled for a gold charm to keep his family from being controlled by an evil leprechaun.

The 2001 film was filled with some frosted tips and a lot of Irish related references. For a quick refresher, here is what Kyle and the rest of the gang looked like:

We know you've been curious to see what Kyle has been up to now. Lucky for you, we did all the digging.

Kyle, or better known by his real name, Ryan Merriman, has stayed quite the busy leprechaun since his Disney Channel movie days. As many of us remember, even before "Luck of the Irish," Merriman starred as Ben Cooper in the other hit Disney Channel movie, "Smart House." It's safe to say, we all wanted that house.

Aside from Disney Channel, Merriman's impressive resume include the like of "Hawaii Five-0," "Pretty Little Liars," "Final Destination 3" and so much more.

He also has a pretty great Twitter account that shows off how insanely good looking he still is:

Oh, what we wouldn't give to travel back to 2001 again. Because it's so timely, you should probably go back and watch "Luck of the Irish" while you have the few days left.

Relive more amazing moments in the nostalgia gallery below!

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