Parents surprise kids with trip to Disney World but their reaction is the real shock

Parents Never Expected Kids to Have This Reaction to Surprise Disney Trip
Parents Never Expected Kids to Have This Reaction to Surprise Disney Trip

Parents Mark and Holly Johnson attempted to give their three kids a surprise of a lifetime, but their children's reaction became the real shock of the day.

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"The kids think we're going to church," organizer of the holiday, Mark Johnson, whispers into his camera. "We're going to pull over, and we're going to tell them, 'We're not going to church.'"

Holly Johnson, Mark's wife, breaks the news to her kids slowly. Her three children look nervous until Holly announces: "We're spending the week in Disney!"

Sam, 15, looks skeptical and Ava, 14, asks questions, but suddenly, Pete, 8, is seen in the video suddenly bawling into his hands.

See images of the kids' reactions:

"Mom, I wanted to go to Murfreesboro, [Tennessee]!" He can be heard yelling into the camera between sobs. Mark explained that the original plan was to spend the day in their home town, an-hour-and-half drive away.

"Holly and I had a conversation before, and I told her, 'We need to be prepared for a weird reaction, especially from Pete," Mark told "He didn't really know anything about Disney World, and he's got a place in his heart for Murfreesboro."

"I was hoping they would just all start screaming and crying and hugging," Mark Johnson said. "It makes me a little sad to be honest. I think if they had a little more context, they would freak out."

He told that reality didn't sink in until they walked into Magic Kingdom, where his wife Holly began crying.

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But, his older children had been prepared for that moment. Sam and Ava loved Pixar movies, and, year after year, Holly and Mark would make sweeping promises that they would go meet Nemo and Lightning McQueen together.

Finally, the Johnsons decided to set up a savings account and make their commitment a reality.

It wasn't until a couple days on the trip that they realized Pete reacted strangely to rollercoasters in addition to surprises. When they looked back at a photo taken mid-ride at Space Mountain, Mark began noticing that Pete becomes a "fainting goat."

"Sam and I are both yelling and hooping, and Pete had this kind of concentration on his face," Mark told "I realize after a little bit that Pete isn't really having a great time on the rides."

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Regardless, Mark wrote on his blog that their experience at Disney World was "Earth-shattering".

"The best part was just having five days dedicated to fun and no stress and being with the kids."

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