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may be a relative newcomer onto the social media scene -- he has only been involved in creating original Vine, Facebook, and Instagram videos over the past eight months -- but he's making his mark in the influencer industry. In short, JoJoe is on his way to becoming one of the biggest online personalities of our generation.

Of course, every social star has to start somewhere. When we visited this year's SXSW festival, we caught up with the man of the hour on his rise to social stardom, his creative process when it comes to making videos, and more!

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I feel like you have a really interesting story behind your name. How did JoJoe come to be?
My real name -- I don't like saying it -- but it starts with a Jo and my middle name starts with a Jo and my last name is Early, so that makes JoJoe. The only person who called me that was basically family members and one day when I was in middle school I thought I was just going to stick with it. It's easier than Josiah, which is my real name.

How long have been active on social media?
I'm a baby. I'm the youngest one in the whole group; I've been doing it for about 8 months. I've only done Facebook for three months and Instagram and Vine for 8. But it's crazy how fast it has grown since. I should have a million fans by the end of next month on Facebook alone.


Why do you think Facebook is blowing up for you right now instead of Vine or Instagram?
Honestly, I think it's because we're the only influencers right now that are on the market for Facebook. When Vine was new, a whole bunch of people stuck with it and blew up from there. Facebook is the same way -- they're trying something new with their videos, so we're seeing a lot of growth there.

Do you create videos primarily for Facebook?
Everything I shoot is for Facebook usually I can make into an Instagram or Vine. And if I have short 15 second videos on Instagram, I won't put that on Facebook since there isn't a need for that. As for Facebook, I want it to be a place where I put my well-thought, creative videos there.

What's the process like for you to come up with a Facebook video?
Coming up with the idea is the easiest part for me -- I can come up with so many ideas so quickly. I think what my biggest challenge is finding someone who shares the same vision I do. So if I am trying to find a camera guy, I need him to share the same vision I do to shoot it, and if he doesn't, that will prolong the video. I've actually been working with my cameraman Dustin, who sees every vision I can come up with. We've just been knocking out videos. He really knows what shot will make the video pop, because he understands the full picture. He's the perfect cameraman.

How To Avoid a Ticket w/ Jason MendezDirected by: Poteet Films Posted by JoJoe on Thursday, February 11, 2016

How many people does it take to make a good video?
I think it all depends on the idea. I had an idea where it was just me and another female and I made her the spotlight of the video. It could just be me, her, and the camera person. It doesn't have to include an audio engineer or anything like that -- it's really only a one-minute video.

At point did you realize this could be your career?
It would have to be when I met Max Jr. At the time, I only had 60K followers and he really brought me under his wing. I used to be Kiddace93 beforeJoJoe and then they guided me to change it to JoJoe, like, "Who is going to hire Kiddace?" Once Max told me that, I realized that people are investing in me and want me to grow, and it could be a career.


What are your passions outside of social media?
Oh, I love fashion! I have a secret: I love comics. Nobody really knows this, but I love them!

That's awesome! What's your favorite superhero movie?
So far, "Deadpool" won! Only reason is because they broke so many barriers on making a movie.

What's the most surprising thing you learned from being in the social media industry?
That we're now on the same level as stars or actors, and other creators. And a lot of kids look up to you in a positive way -- so you know you're doing something right.

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