March Madness 2016: Most overrated and underrated teams

2016 March Madness: Region of Death
2016 March Madness: Region of Death

The 2016 NCAA Tournament is almost set to get underway and the selection committee made some questionable choices when seeding teams on Selection Sunday. There were plenty of instances, as expected, when a certain seeding had fans, coaches and players everywhere scratching their heads.

Heck, even some college basketball experts were confused by certain picks, even a couple of No. 1 seeds who weren't as deserving as others.

March Madness is ready to get pretty wild this season and there are plenty of teams who could make a serious run at a Final Four, but only a handful who have a good shot at winning the national title.

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Each year, there are those teams that get ranked high and you wonder what they did so special that earned them such a high seed. Others were ranked a little too low and that has the fans of those certain teams up in arms.

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The selection committee is never perfect, but you have to admit they did get most of the field correct, even though some teams were snubbed — including the incredibly awesome bench of Monmouth. Other teams got in that many thought wouldn't such as the Michigan Wolverines and Tulsa Golden Hurricane who will be facing off in a play-in game.

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We are going to take a look at which teams were slotted too high and which ones didn't get enough respect by the committee. Who do you think got ripped off on the bracket and who do you believe was rated a little too high? Let us know in the comment section below:

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