Man creates 'hybrid' candle of his late wife's favorite scents

While attempting to preserve the memory of his late wife, one man thought up a creative way to make sure her presence was still felt in their family's home.

Since smell is the sense most closely linked to memory, he decided to take all of the wax from the couple's leftover, retired candles and melt them down to make a new one in her honor.

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The product of nine of their favorite fragrances over the past year, the new cross-breed candle was made via an extensive process that required freezing, melting, mixing and solidifying.

Detailing the process step-by-step on Imgur, the man uploaded photos of the undertaking, stating, "This project was a way to help me and my kids cope with our loss. It is a part of our grieving process. And we can smell all those familiar smells again."

The candles used, which were from Yankee Candle and Bath & Body Works, ranged from Green Apple Orchard to his wife's personal favorite, True Rose.

See the man's heartwarming account of the project, which, while time-consuming, he claims was absolutely "worth it."