Local tattoo artist inspires Pennsylvania community

Pa. Tattoo Artist's Eye-Catching Design Snatches 'Unique' Prize
Pa. Tattoo Artist's Eye-Catching Design Snatches 'Unique' Prize

A man who creates elaborate tattoo designs caught the eyes of the judges at the 2016 Philadelphia Tattoos Art Convention.

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Keith Eby recently won first place for "Most Unusual" tattoo at this year's competition -- which looks like a giant hybrid owl/butterfly with piercing eyes.

See more about Keith and his designs below:

Eby -- who's a father of three -- has only been a tattoo artist for a couple of years, but has shown great skill and an ever increasing fan base.

"When I tattoo people, man, I make it so that they never forget me," Eby told local television station WGAL.

It's his story of recovery and tenacity that is touching the hearts of a Pennsylvania community and beyond.

At the age of 13, Keith lost his father to heroin and ever since his path in life wasn't always clear cut. Most of his childhood was spent in foster homes. He's even spent time in prison.

"There's been times in my life where I was so lost ... that I would walk down the street and forget where I was going," Eby said.

But Eby's recent achievement at this year's Philly tattoo convention was the one that he really wanted.

See the image below of Eby's work that snagged him the first place prize:

Keith Eby hasn't stopped at just creating works of art. He's now agreed to speak to teens at a local juvenile detention center to inspire them to find their path in life.

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