Heckler accuses Marco Rubio of stealing his girlfriend, warns Marco Rubio will steal everyone else's girlfriend, too

'Marco Rubio Tried to Steal My Girlfriend' - Protester
'Marco Rubio Tried to Steal My Girlfriend' - Protester

Marco Rubio might not look so hot in the polls, but his glistening pate and well-memorized stump speech seem to have attracted the attention of at least one Florida voter. On Sunday, a man was removed from a Rubio rally in Florida for standing up in the middle of the candidate's speech and announcing to those assembled that Rubio was trying to steal his girlfriend. "They met in New Hampshire, and she doesn't look at me the same way anymore," he explained. "He's a little better looking than me, and he's trying to steal my girlfriend. She doesn't love me anymore!"

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Police quickly converged on the man and led him out, but he didn't go quietly. "He's probably going to steal yours too," he warned the audience, which mostly consisted of veterans. Rubio, who admittedly does not seem like the girlfriend stealing type, appeared to be in shock. "I didn't even win New Hampshire," he told the man, prompting more laughter. Rubio might be doomed as a political candidate, but at least he's got game where it counts.

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