Has violence at Donald Trump rallies gotten out of control?

Outbreaks Of Violence At Trump Rallies
Outbreaks Of Violence At Trump Rallies

A group of Donald Trump supporters were recorded shoving a black woman out of a Trump rally in Kentucky. At a rally in North Carolina, a man was sucker punched by a Trump supporter and tackled to the ground by police. Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields was allegedly grabbed so hard by Trump's campaign manager Corey Lewandowski that she bruised. A man was pictured covered in blood leaving a Trump rally in St. Louis. These are just a few acts of violence that have been reported at events for the GOP front-runner.


Many are saying Donald Trump rallies and events have gotten out of control. Do you agree? Weigh in below:

Many of Trump's rivals on both sides have criticized him for the escalating violence at his events.

"He's encouraging violence and chaos to get votes. He's pitting Americans against each other to get votes," Hillary Clinton said at the Ohio Democratic Party Legacy Dinner in Columbus.

While discussing Trump's canceled rally in Chicago, Marco Rubio described the frenzy as "a frightening, grotesque and disturbing development in American politics."

Despite criticism from politicians and the media Trump remains unfazed. During a recent interview he declared that he would look into paying the legal fees of the supporter who punched a protester at his rally.

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