Half-Life (Movie) Confirmed By J.J. Abrams, Not Half-Life 3

Yes, you read "Half Life" and "confirmed," but don't get excited there -- Half Life 3 is no closer to hitting stores then it was yesterday (we think at least -- silly Valve refuses to tell us anything, don't they?) But we do have Valve news of some sort, and in an area that they have yet to make much of a mark in -- the very tricky realm of video game movies.

Way back in the far away year of 2013, J.J. Abrams and Gabe Newell united, announcing to the world that they are apparently media mogul BFF's and, like, totally wanted to make sweet sweet multimedia content together. At the time they mentioned two projects of interest: a game that Abrams' Bad Robot came up with, and big screen adaptations of two of Valve's biggest franchises: Half-Life and Portal. And though we know next to nothing about that Bad Robot game (or even if it still exists), those movies are still very much in development, apparently.

Whilst promoting 10 Cloverfield Lane, (itself from the director of the Portal: No Escape short film that rocked the internet some time ago),J.J. Abrams confirmed to IGN that he's still working on adapting both Valve properties to the big screen. The producer/director/whatever you want him to be declared that he didn't have an "exciting update" on the pair of films, but did state that writers are currently working on drafts of the screenplay. Which, hey, actually sounds like a pretty substantial update to me, but whatever. — J.J. gonna Abrams.

In any case, I'm curious to see what becomes of this, mostly because it could lead to Valve remembering that, woah, they make video games! And any chance to remind them of that makes for a noble cause, if you ask me.

Just give up Half-Life 3 Valve. We will do anything you ask, lord Gabe. We will do your bidding, we will sacrifice the blood of the innocent for you, anything, please senpai notice our cries for a sequel!

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