2-year-old twins drown in koi pond behind family home

2-Year-Old Scottish Twins Drown In Koi Pond Behind Family Home
2-Year-Old Scottish Twins Drown In Koi Pond Behind Family Home

Mervyn Scott and Sarah Aitken, the parents of twin boys, are mourning the loss of their two-year-old sons.

The twins, Rhys and Shaun Scott, drowned in a koi pond in the back of their home in Fife, Scotland on Saturday.

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The twins' mother called emergency services on Saturday morning when the boys were discovered, but the 2-year-old boys were unable to be revived. They were taken to a local hospital where they were pronounced dead.

In a statement issued by Police Scotland, Scott and Aitken said: "We would like to thank everyone for their support at this unfortunate and difficult time. We have special thanks to all the medical staff, family, friends, neighbors and the police for their efforts, hard work and time spent helping and trying to revive our miracle babies."

The Telegraph reports that the "miracle babies" were conceived using IVF.

"Both boys were long awaited little soldiers who were full of love, happiness, fun and cheek. Individually and together they have touched the lives of everyone they met."

Officers investigating to establish the full circumstances of the incident.

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