11 college students reveal their struggles with financial aid

College often gets the wrap of being 'the best four years' of an undergraduate's life -- and while this is often true for people who were fortunate enough to have unbelievable college experiences, that doesn't take away from the pressure that comes along with being a student at university. Sometimes, this pressure is rooted in living up to the expectations of people you love and care about, but, often, the financial cost of school is what builds great anxiety.

Several college students took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to reveal how frustrated they are with their financial aid plans.

1. A reliable financial aid plan is often contingent for someone to be able to go through college:

Just found out my financial aid won

2. Financial aid isn't unlimited -- this often means that your academic performance needs to meet a certain expectation:

I failed the two classes that were prerequisites for all the classes I planned on taking next semester. I

3. People might find dangerous alternatives to find ways to pay their way through college:

I used to judge people who resorted to prostitution to pay their way through college. Then I went to college & had to do it too. It

4. What you receive each semester might be different, so you never really feel confident that you'll be able to afford what's coming next:

My financial aid just came in and I only got part of it. Story of my life.

5. Just because you don't technically qualify for financial aid doesn't mean that college is affordable to you:

I don

6. Money, or lack thereof, often stands in the way of receiving a higher education:

I did not get enough money from financial aid to go to college so now I feel like an unproductive member of society

7. People resort to illegal means in order to get enough financial aid to attend college:

I just lied on my financial aid papers to qualify, because without the help, I can

8. Money can be the root of fights and arguments:

Parents are spending too much time being manic and arguing about my financial aid instead of helping me submit it. Gotta love it.

9. Applying for financial aid can be tedious and difficult to do alone:

Dealing with college when it comes to financial aid makes me want to tear my hair out....

10. Taking out loans for college might mean a lifetime of debt:

My college financial aid didn

11. Your financial aid application doesn't necessarily reflect the funds that are going to be paying for college:

It seems so unfair that my financial aid is determined by how much my family makes even though they aren

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