10 weird things that can kill you almost instantly

10 Weird Things That Can Kill You Almost Instantly
10 Weird Things That Can Kill You Almost Instantly

Most of us know to be cautious of sharks and lightning, but, in reality, there are some rather big dangers out there that often go unacknowledged.

Here are 10 weird things that can kill you almost instantly.

Number 10.A meteor. Humans have been lucky when it comes to avoiding sizeable meteors and mass die-offs. However, if one measuring 50-meters-wide and speeding towards Earth at roughly 9 miles per second exploded in the air, it would be rather catastrophic. The probable effect has been likened to just under 140 atomic bombs going off at once.

Number 9.Stepping on a stonefish. The sea creatures are one of the most poisonous fish. They also really hate it when people step on them. When that happens, the fish immediately release venom into whatever disturbed it. Effects are fast acting and can include heart stoppage, seizures, and paralysis.

Number 8.Cleaning the toilet. No doubt, it's an item that needs frequent disinfecting, but be very mindful of the products used. Mixing bleach and ammonia results in the formation of a potentially fatal gas.

Number 7.Icicles. They're solid, sharp, and depending upon how far they fall, potentially forceful. On average, the frozen spikes are the agent behind 100 deaths in Russia every year. They have also claimed lives in Chicago, Vermont, and a more than one city in Michigan.

Number 6.Too much pumpkin pie and eggnog. In addition to both items being common holiday foods, the two beloved edibles contain nutmeg. The spice, in larger quantities, has a hallucinogenic effect, and when consumed in excess can cause psychosis and death.

Number 5.Underestimating a cow. 22 a year. That is how many annual U.S. fatalities are linked to the often docile-looking animals. Many are due to attacks carried out by a single animal, but bovines have been known to organize and strike in groups.

Number 4.Gamma Ray Bursts. The powerful forces can be released by any number of space objects, but mighty though they are, detection can be difficult. A strike may occur with no advance warning. On the upside, complete annihilation is instantaneous, so victims will likely have spent their final moments in blissful ignorance.

Number 3.Selfies. The popular practice has claimed at least 49 lives over the past couple of years. Most victims fell to their deaths, while others drowned, got struck by trains, were shot, or were involved in a fatal car crash.

See photos of people taking questionable selfies:

Number 2.Rock collecting. The hobby is enjoyed by many, but there are some specimens best avoided. Among them is Hutchinsonite, as inhaling its dust or ingesting bits of it can be fatal. The rock's composition includes 3 deadly minerals – arsenic, lead, and thallium.

Number 1. Eating sushi. If the chef offers you a plate of delicious fugu, get his or her credentials before committing. The blowfish, if not prepared absolutely flawlessly, can kill upon consumption. Just one of them packs enough tetrodotoxin to wipe out 30 people.

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