The benefits of therapy, as told by 16 strong advocates

Everyone has different ways of coping -- whether you find peace within nature or any other unique way to destress, there really is an endless number of ways to remain upbeat, satisfied and happy. An extremely popular way of working through issues and finding clarity within the chaos that life inevitably brings is seeing a therapist.

Several people took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their thoughts, to explain honestly how they feel about going to therapy.

1. Having someone dedicated to helping you work through your problems could help you realize that your problems are solvable:

Every time I leave therapy I can feel myself making progress. I didn

2. Therapy isn't just for outwardly emotional people:

I was never a person who liked to talk about their feelings. Going to therapy made me realize there is so much power in connecting with your true emotions.

3. While your therapist is there to help you, the ultimate goal is to be able to cope without her/him:

I wish I could keep my therapist with me all the time. I always feel much better when I leave.

4. Sharing your involvement in such an emotionally vulnerable process might feel like an invasion of privacy:

I feel ashamed to admit to people that I

5. While it may feel strange to open up in new ways, it might help you in the long run:

I hate going to therapy because it makes me feel so vulnerable. I say things I

6. Just because you don't enjoy something doesn't mean it's not good for you:

Therapy is awful but I know it will pay off so I

7. It's subjective whether being sensitive is a good or bad thing:

I feel like being in therapy has made me more sensitive just from releasing my feelings

8. It might not be good to solely rely on therapy to cope without anxiety:

Missing therapy makes me anxious because it

9. Thinking clearly is the key to sanity!

Going to therapy helps me to clear my mind and take one step at a time :)

10. Not everyone has people in their daily lives who are there to listen, so a therapist might feel like a savior:

I look forward to my sessions with my therapist. I actually feel like I

11. Self confidence is an amazing tool for happiness:

Finally truly happy for the first time in a long time. Therapy has made me whole again. I feel indestructible!

12. While it might seem like a stressor or a pain before you start, therapy might end up being an amazing gift to yourself:

Going to therapy is the best thing I

13. Therapy might help restore faith in your mental capabilities:

Therapy has been helping more than I expected. I

14. No one's perfect:

The most important thing I learned in therapy, is that it is okay to not be okay.

15. There's no reason anyone should be ashamed of who they are:

Going to therapy improved my self esteem and made me realize I should be proud of who I am

16. You might not realize how bad you once felt until you start feeling good again:

Being in therapy has helped opened my eyes to see the world from a new perspective. It feels good to feel good.

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There are several different forms of therapy, one of which is talk therapy:

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