Robert Griffin III to meet with New York Jets

Former Redskins QB Robert Griffin III Visits Jets

Robert Griffin III has been attached to almost every team in need of a QB during NFL free agency, but his situation is about to take another twist after reports that he will meet with the New York Jets.

A backup plan is never a bad idea in the NFL. Though the New York Jets hope to continue on with Ryan Fitzpatrick at quarterback, they also need to be prepared if he leaves. Either way, ESPN's Adam Schefter is adding to the intrigue in the Big Apple with this report concerning RG3.


This scoop comes in the wake of reports earlier this week, like one from Charles Robinson of Yahoo! Sports, claiming the Jets had not shown serious interest in Griffin after he was cut loose from the Washington Redskins following four roller coaster-esque seasons.

Ian Rapaport of NFL Network confirmed Schefter's report about the impending visit while also cementing the idea that the Jets ideally see RG3 backing up Fitzpatrick.


Despite some thought that he'd be a disturbance, Griffin showed last season that he can sit the bench without making waves, which he did when Washington turned to Kirk Cousins. Whether he could continue to do so in the increased media spotlight of New York is an open question, but it's reasonable to expect that the former Heisman Trophy winner and NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year would be on his best behavior if given a real chance to reignite his career.

It's certainly never boring where RG3 is concerned. If the Jets decide to pass on him, expect a bunch more tweets from NFL insiders tracking other meetings to figure out where he ends up.

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