Rescuers save dog stranded on icy reservoir for 5 days

Rescuers Save Dog Stranded On Icy Reservoir For Five Days
Rescuers Save Dog Stranded On Icy Reservoir For Five Days

A dog stranded on icy Utah waters for the better part of a week was rescued and is now back at home.

Sadie was staying with her owner's relatives when she got a little anxious and ran outdoors.

She made it all the way onto an ice-covered reservoir only to find herself without a way back to shore.

For 5 days she waited, and help finally arrived.

Dog Rescue at Deer Creek Reservoir

The Utah County Sheriff's Office was asked to assist DNR in Wasatch County in rescuing a Dog on Deer Creek Reservoir that had been stuck on the ice since Monday (5 days). Hats off to volunteer Toby Norton for making the perfect grab. We love our volunteers with Utah County Search and Rescue! (and our Air Boat ha ha) Dog is doing great!!! Please visit our Facebook page for more video and photos.

Posted by Utah County Sheriff's Office on Friday, March 4, 2016

On Friday, personnel with the Utah County Sheriff's Office got onboard an air boat and carefully approached the canine.

As the vessel passed Sadie, a volunteer reached out, grabbed her by the collar, and pulled her to safety.

She and her owner have since been reunited, and Sadie is reported to be doing very well.

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