Real bear attack survivor says she laughed during Leo's 'Revenant' scene: 'it was goofy'

Woman Who Survived Bear Attack Calls Leonardo Di Caprio's Scene 'Goofy'

One of the most talked-about movie scenes in years: Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio's fight to the death with a bear in The Revenant.

But one woman wasn't so impressed.

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Allena Hansen was actually mauled by a bear, on her ranch and suffered horrific injuries.

"I'm sorry, when I saw this I laughed all the way through it. I really did. All I could think of was 'acting' and 'this is silly. That's just goofy,'" she told IE.

She described the attack, and said: "It grabbed me by the ears, bit my face and took me down. The next I knew was lying in the fetal position in the creek bed with this 200-pound monster sitting on my shoulders and biting into my head trying to tear my face off. I could hear the bones crunching. I could hear my sinews ripping."

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Woman attacked by bear laughed at the Revenant
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Real bear attack survivor says she laughed during Leo's 'Revenant' scene: 'it was goofy'

(Photo: Inside Edition)

(Photo: Inside Edition)

(Photo: Inside Edition)

(Photo: Inside Edition)


Her dogs came to her rescue and fought off the black bear.

It took years of cosmetic surgeries to rebuild her face and mouth; she has made amazing progress.

"It ripped my nose off. I have pretty extensive scarring... It tore out my upper palette because it bit into my face. It tore out most of my bottom teeth and my top four [teeth], and ripped my ears off," she said.

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The bear that attacked her was much smaller than the huge one in The Revenant.

She said DiCaprio's only chance against a bear would be to play dead and he would never be able to take out a bear this size with a knife.

"I can't imagine that three stabs with a knife in the shoulder blade are going to make it through the rib cage into the heart but it's a tall tale, and beautifully told," she said.

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