National Review endorses Ted Cruz

National Review to Endorse Ted Cruz
National Review to Endorse Ted Cruz

In another major sign the Republican establishment is warming to him as their presidential nominee, Sen. Ted Cruz on Friday scored the endorsement of The National Review magazine, a major conservative voice that's on the vanguard of the Stop Trump movement.

Speaking to Politico, Review editor Rich Lowry said Cruz, a first-term senator from Texas, has the best chance of stopping Donald Trump, the billionaire developer who's taken the GOP presidential primary race by storm.

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"Ted's the only one with a plausible path to stopping Trump," Lowry said, "either by getting a majority himself or denying Trump a majority and finishing close behind and getting it to convention."

Targeting Trump is nothing new for the National Review, which devoted an entire issue to essays on why Trump -- a politically-incorrect populist and a political novice who brags that he's not beholden to party bosses -- shouldn't win the presidential nomination, even though he's ahead of the other GOP candidates by a wide margin in national polls..

The endorsement, however, is a crippling blow to Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, who's competing with Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich for the establishment nod.

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While Cruz has defeated Trump in eight primary states, Rubio -- whose promising campaign was once seen as a potential bridge between grassroots Trump supporters on the far right and more moderate GOP elites in Washington and elsewhere -- has scraped together just two wins and a handful of delegates in several rounds of primary voting.

Rubio's banking on the winner-take-all primary his own home state of Florida to keep his campaign hopes alive, but Trump holds a double-digit lead and shows no signs of fading.

"Cruz, however, is pretty much a down-the-line National Review conservative," Lowry, a Politico contributor, writes in an upcoming National Review editorial that Politico obtained in advance. "Cruz is the guy who can stop Trump ultimately. He is one of us. He is a principled conservative. He deserves our support."

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